The Principality of Höhenburg

mountain top Germany castle

A tiny alpine country in the Rhine valley**, it’s history stretches back a millennia to the earlier Middle Ages. It is one of the oldest monarchies still in existence.The micro state began a slow decline after World War I, and following World War II, the economy began a slow recovery under Prince Gerhard I which continued a steady climb under his son Prince Josef, then prospered and came into its own under the the steady leadership of the present sovereign Prince Gerhard II, who ascended the throne after graduating from the Wharton School of Business in America.

In recent decades Höhenburg has become a storybook tourist spot as well as a hub of global banking and investment.
With the next generation of the ruling family coming of age, the tiny principality is sure to remain prominent upon the world stage.



**The country of Höhenburg is purely fictional and any similarities to specific locations of Europe is unintentional or used in a fictitious manner.
The photos in the family above (and in the pages that follow) are either AI generated via, purchased from depositphotos, or taken from covers of the in-progress Unexpected Royalty book-series