. . .a beautiful young actress met a real life handsome prince from a tiny European country while she was on location and and he was attending university in America.

They fell madly, deeply in love, had the big fairytale wedding, produced an heir and a spare and then. . .

Let’s just say that fairytale foundered and the couple was eventually forgotten when other more famous royal couples filled the headlines.

But many years later, the second in line to the throne also fell in love in with an American girl who soon realized that falling for a real prince charming was easy.

The whole trying to fit into the royal world…not so much. . .

Follow the Williamson sisters and a few friends to the Principality of Höhenburg where the men are charming princes or royal pains, the ancestral castle contains secrets, and making up frequently leads to making out. Scandals, charmless princes, riches to rags, secret relationships, and star-crossed lovers await you.

She was everything he needed
He was not what she expected

Second son of a sovereign prince, Christian finds a momentary bit of freedom in America. Unfortunately, he also finds himself lost in a cellular dead zone with a malfunctioning GPS. He’s “rescued” by an American Cinderella who captivates him from the start, but departs before he can get her name.

History major Kat Williamson, never expected the sharply-dressed guy with the sexy accent would one day seek her aid in his new quest (for electric griddles). He quickly captures her heart, but she won’t be a prince’s summer fling.

With Kat in his life, C.J. feels truly complete, but worries public scrutiny (and his family’s doubts) will get in the way. Both learn that life can have its rom com moments, but reaching Happily Ever After is going to take some doing.

Character portrait Prince Christian
character portrait Kat

Falling in love with a real prince charming was the easy part. . .

When her nerdy royal boyfriend C.J. proposes (with the ring that belonged to his late mother, Violet), American college student Katrina Williamson is bombarded with press encounters from Hell, backstabbing future in-laws, archaic royal rules, and wild conspiracy theories regarding Princess Violet’s tragic death–theories that might not be so wild after all. After she uncovers the truth behind what really happened to C.J.’s mother, Kat risks losing her own happily ever after.

The last thing she needs is another bad boy in her life…

Karl of Höhenburg, a playboy prince with a beastly personality and sordid past must prove himself an asset to the royal family or be cast out.

Sara Williamson learned the hard way that giving your heart to a “bad boy” spells disaster. Tasked with “babysitting” Prince Charmless, Sara never thought she’d see a whole new side of him.

A midnight kiss on New Year’s Eve leads to an unexpected connection and surprising complications, but Karl’s troubled past gets in the way.

character portrait Sara
character portrait Prince Johann

The only one he can turn to is the woman who never trusted him. . .

Divorced father, Prince Johann has always appreciated and enjoyed the finer things in life his position has given him. But suddenly it appears to be a problem for his uncle and older cousins. When his father sides with them,Johann becomes a man without a country. or bank account. However, he does have a plane ticket— one-way non-refundable, non-transferable ticket out of Europe. Coach seating.

Gina Odell made her first Five Year Plan in middle school. Her plans led to her being recruited by a selective Washington DC law firm. Before she reaches the end of the latest plan, her boyfriend of four years breaks up with her because she isn’t a “good fit” for his political aspirations.

Taking a long overdue vacation, Gina splurges on a First-class ticket to Europe to spend a few days with her royal best friend Sara in a castle straight out of a romantic movie. Gina never thought the trip would bring her face to face with the biggest jerk any royal family ever spawned.

A jerk who needs to leave his adorable son until he can provide for him without royal funding. Given a pro-bono assignment by her mentor, Gina takes her handsome Royal Pain home with the intention of helping him earn enough to get back on a plane to where he belongs.

But the more time they spend together, the less Gina’s heart wants him to leave.