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Take Days of Our Lives, add a dash of Game of Thrones court intrigue, wrap it up with a red, white & blue ribbon and sit back as the American Williamson sisters and their friends start making their way across the pond to the Principality of Hohenburg, where the men are charming princes or royal pains, the castle contains secrets, and making up frequently leads to making out. Scandals, charmless princes, riches to rags, secret relationships, and star-crossed lovers await you in Kit Forbes’ Unexpected Royalty series

Shopping for a Princess cover

She was everything he needed
He was not what she expected

When Prince Christian of Höhenburg goes abroad for a summer internship prior to working on his MBA, the last thing he never imagined to find himself unaccountably awkward and tongue-tied the moment American Katrina Williamson smiles at him.

Still disappointed at being ghosted by the university she most wanted to attend, Kat is content to attend the respected local school to pursue her studies in medieval history. Anticipating another routine summer selling kitchenware, she never imagined encountering a customer as fascinating as European management intern C.J. Höhenburg.

Surprised when he asked her on a date, she was shocked when he let it slip that he was royalty. One thing is certain–Kat won’t allow herself to become a summer fling–no matter much she finds herself falling for him.

Falling in love with a real prince charming was the easy part. . .

When her nerdy royal boyfriend C.J. proposes (with the ring that belonged to his late mother, Violet), American college student Katrina Williamson is bombarded with press encounters from Hell, backstabbing future in-laws, archaic royal rules, and wild conspiracy theories regarding Princess Violet’s tragic death–theories that might not be so wild after all. After she uncovers the truth behind what really happened to C.J.’s mother, Kat risks losing her own happily ever after.

The last thing she needs is another bad boy in her life…

Karl of Höhenburg, a playboy prince with a beastly personality and sordid past must prove himself an asset to the royal family or be cast out.

Sara Williamson learned the hard way that giving your heart to a “bad boy” spells disaster. Tasked with “babysitting” Prince Charmless, Sara never thought she’d see a whole new side of him.

A midnight kiss on New Year’s Eve leads to an unexpected connection and surprising complications, but Karl’s troubled past gets in the way.

The only one he can turn to is the woman who never trusted him. . .

Prince Johann has always appreciated and enjoyed the finer things in life his position has given him. But suddenly it appears to be a problem for his older cousins–the heir to the throne and the other, head of the Family Council.

When his father sides with his cousins Johann becomes a man without a country. However, he does have a plane ticket— one-way ticket out of Europe. Coach seating.

Gina Odell made her first Five Year Plan in middle school. Her plans helped her excel in high school, university, then law school where she was recruited as an associate with a very selective Washington DC law firm. Before she reached the end of the latest plan, her boyfriend of four years broke up with her because she wasn’t a “good fit” for his political aspirations.

When Gina’s mentor suggests she take a long overdue “vacation”, she decides splurg on a First-class ticket to Europe to spend a few days with her now royal best friend Sara in a castle straight out of a romantic movie. But Gina never thought the trip would bring her face to face with the biggest jerk any royal family ever spawned.