Return to the Shadows

cover by JS Designs Cover Art

STATUS: In Progress

Thrust into 1888 London, college student Mark Stewart found himself as he sought to unmask one of history’s most notorious murderers. The world Genie Trambley knew crumbled around her like a blood-soaked nightmare, leading her to escape as far as she could with the only person she could trust.

Mark and Genie’s quiet life unravels when their neighbor begs them to help her. Plagued by mental images since they moved in, she insists a killer they apprehended in the past was “the wrong one” and that a woman resembling Genie is in grave danger. Genie is certain this vision woman is her sister Phoebe and she insists they ask the phycsicist Dr. Bloodworth to help them go back to Victorian London.

Police officer Rick Stewart’s only regret is his failure to recognize his feelings for Genie before his loser cousin could win her heart. His affection for Genie turns to fear for her safety after witnessing Mark regularly visiting an old warehouse that was once a meth lab. Rick’s suspicion turns to dread one night when dispatch reports possible assault victim at that warehouse. First on the scene, Rick finds Genie bent over an unconscious older man while Mark orders her to leave him then drags her towards a large metal cage. Rushing to save Genie, a multicolor flash of energy knocks Rick unconscious.

He wakes to find himself in a place that’s something out of a museum with his cousin spinning a tale of time travel weirder than any cheap movie. Rick has no choice but to roll with it, hating that he must rely on the family problem child to guide him in this foreign social landscape.

Rick is quick to notice the discomfort of Genie’s widowed sister Phoebe following breaking news that a woman’s dismembered leg washed up on the banks of the Thames. When Mark relays a peculiar detail about the leg that wasn’t in the papers. It is a detail that clearly upsets Phoebe.

Phoebe’s will to remain silent meets its match in Rick’s obstinance and she eventually reveals to him the part of her past (and that of her late husband and in-laws) that she would give anything to forget. Rick vows to do whatever it takes to catch the twisted individual behind the legend of Jack the Ripper before he can claim Phoebe as his victim.