Escape the Shadows

Coming in 2021 the first book in the Time Shadows mystery/romantic suspense series

Escape the Shadows cover by JS Designs Cover Art

STATUS: Revising/Editing

A week away from completing his last probation (as well as his first semester of college), nineteen-year-old Mark Stewart makes the mistake of celebrating in the company of an old friend who didn’t exactly borrow the car they’re riding in when stopped for a traffic violation. With his by-the-book older cousin behind the badge, Mark finds himself back in juvenile court.

Since he’s made such progress, the judge sentences him to three months community service by staying with his elderly aunt whose idea of fun is watching him tend to the mini farm on her rural property, and accompanying her to a “Ripperologists” convention in London.

In London, a lightning strike sends Mark back to 1888, (on the cusp of Jack the Ripper’s infamous crime spree).

Mark’s only thought is to solve the case before it’s too late. If he unmasks Ripper, there would be no conference and he would never have gotten stuck in the freak storm. It should be easy because he already knows when the killings will be.

Reality tends to be more complicated than theory when Mark becomes a suspect and realizes that his one friend in the past—Eugenia Trambley—may be closer to the Ripper than she knows.

However, uncovering the true killer could put her in danger and trap Mark in the past forever.

(This novel is major rewrite of my out of print young adult book Shadows Fall Away)