Overview: American Royalty series

Book 1: Reluctant Princess: (status: complete, unpublished, 89,000 words Read Chapter One)

Sometimes it takes a battle plan to reach Happily Ever After….

The daughter of career Marines, Katrina Williamson was never one to entertain romantic daydreams until she crossed paths with nerdy grad student Christian (C.J.) Höhenburg, second son of Prince Gerhard, sovereign of a tiny European Principality.

Kat’s walk on the royal side goes into high gear when C.J. proposes and presents her with the ring that belonged to his late mother, American actress Violet St. James.

Soon Kat’s navigating an obstacle course of press encounters gone bad, backstabbing future in-laws, archaic Princely House Rules, and wild conspiracy theories regarding Princess Violet’s tragic death—theories that might not be so wild after all.

After uncovering the truth behind what really happened to Princess Violet, Kat risks losing her own happily ever after.


Book 2: Prince Charmless (status: complete, unpublished, 75,000 words Read Chapter One)

Prince Karl of Höhenburg’s Christmas gift is a censure from the Family Council. He decides to beat his family at their own game when ordered to do a number of public engagements then get back to his life of leisure.

When the limelight of her stepsister’s royal wedding dimmed, Sara Williamson was left with little more than a dead end job and memories of bad romances. Visiting “Princessland” for the holidays, Sara is suckered into being the insufferable Karl’s “babysitter” the week following Christmas–a task as appealing as a case of the flu.

Surprisingly they make a good PR teams. After a New Year kiss leads to unexpected passion, and unwanted publicity and the aftermath drives them apart, Sara finds she was a recipient of recalled contraceptives. With help from friends old and new she moves across the country and does all she can to get her act together. She’ll tell Karl about the secret she’s carrying when she’s ready.

Karl is thrilled when he finally hears the news but it will take quite a bit of doing and a lot of creativity to show Sara that he’s not the man he once was and that his feeling for her is real and not motivated by a sense of duty.

Book 3: working title “Prince for Hire”(status: plotting stage)

Prince Johann of Höhenburg picked up the royal playboy life where his older cousin left off. But as new head of the Princely House Family Council, Karl is not about to cut Johann any slack. He takes away the younger man’s stipend and family privileges for the remainder of the year.

It doesn’t take long for Johann to find that his many friends don’t know the meaning of the word. With little more than the designer clothes on his back and an expensive sports car that’s low on gas, the wayward prince has no choice but to rely on the charity of strangers: specifically American grad student Gina Odell.

Gina will never forgive Johann for the way he treated her BFF Sara. And she’s looking for payback for the way he swideswiped her rental and left her stranded by the side of the road. But being raised a (fairly) good Catholic girl, she decides to offer Johann a hand by getting him a summer job with her father Jesse who has little time or patience for “lazyass pretty boys who never worked a day in their life”.

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