Shadows Fall Away


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Seventeen year old Mark Stewart’s latest brush with the law gets him “once last chance”. Sent to spend the summer with his mother’s Aunt Agatha, the retired history professor drags him off to a Jack the Ripper conference in London. Following a costume party, Mark is struck by lightning, and wakes to find himself in 1888 Victorian London.

Accepting he’s really in the past, Mark thinks his ticket home is to solve the crime. If he unmasks Jack the Ripper, there would be no conference and he would never have been in London or close to that freakish storm.

It shouldn’t be too hard. His mom writes historical mysteries so he has some knowledge of the era. He knows when the murders will occur, and like it or not, he’s learned a couple things from his detective father. Of course Mark never counts of making himself look like a suspect or falling for Genie Trambley, a girl who knows a potential “ripper”, one neither the police or historians considered.

However, uncovering the truth could put her in danger and trap Mark in the past forever.

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