Unexpected Royalty Series

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Unexpected Royalty 1:




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Loving a prince is as easy as tip-toeing through a minefield in stilettos.
When her nerdy royal boyfriend C.J. proposes (with the ring that belonged to his late mother, Violet), American college student Katrina Williamson is bombarded with press encounters from Hell, backstabbing future in-laws, archaic royal rules, and wild conspiracy theories regarding Princess Violet’s tragic death–theories that might not be so wild after all. After she uncovers the truth behind what really happened to C.J.’s mother, Kat risks losing her own happily ever after.

Unexpected Royalty 2:

Redeeming Prince Charmless


Kit Forbes

Karl of Hohenburg, a playboy prince with a beastly personality and sordid past must prove himself an asset to the royal family or be cast out.

Sara Williamson learned the hard way that giving your heart to a “bad boy” spells disaster. Tasked with “babysitting” Prince Charmless, Sara never thought she’d see a whole new side of him.

A midnight kiss on New Year’s Eve leads to an unexpected connection and surprising complications, but Karl’s troubled past gets in the way.